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At the Law Offices of Gonzalez & Henley, P.L., we have experience taking a variety of matters to court. Whether you are seeking compensation for a personal injury or are charged with a crime in Florida, we have the skill and versatility to effectively present different cases to judges and juries. While our attorneys are open to all settlement opportunities, we prepare all cases based on the assumption that they will go to trial.

The Law Offices of Gonzalez & Henley has been meeting the trial and transactional needs of businesses and individuals in West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie and throughout Florida for more than a decade. Clients turn to us because our meticulous preparation, thorough investigation skills and in-depth knowledge regarding case law allow us to serve you from a position of strength.

Leveraging the talent and experience of our lawyers

At the Law Offices of Gonzalez & Henley, we handle the full spectrum of civil matters. We have experience in many of the underlying issues that lead to litigation. By combining the talent, unique skills and backgrounds of our lawyers, we have a strong history of successfully helping clients with:

Along with the efficient use of experts and highly qualified professionals, we prepare cases designed for clear and compelling presentations before the judge and jury.

A strong reputation as aggressive advocates

We have a well-earned reputation of vigorously representing our clients while maintaining respect among our colleagues. At the Law Offices of Gonzalez & Henley, we investigate facts and analyze issues early. From the initial objective evaluation to post-trial appeals, we manage all phases of trial work. Regardless of your legal matter, our attorneys proactively protect you with clear, practical advice and effective legal strategies.

Personalized services you can depend on

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Gonzalez & Henley keep you fully involved throughout the legal process and ensure you understand the pros and cons of each course of action. We maintain open, responsive lines of communication with our clients to keep them fully informed of significant developments.

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